The Dutch FIm Fund wants more Diversity!


I read an article on the Dutch newssite - It is about The Dutch Film Fund aiming for more diversity in Dutch Film. I translated a part of it:


The Dutch Film Fund wants more Dutch films in which the cultural diversity of the society emerges.

Director Doreen Boonekamp is currently conducting discussions with the various unions in the field to bring this intention to the attention of filmmakers.

Following the Cultural Diversity Code, which was developed by the Dutch cultural sector itself, these efforts also have an important place in the new policy of the Film Fund.

"If you look at the Dutch films in the cinemas, I understand that for large groups of Dutch people there  is still no sufficient recognition" says Boonekamp.

"So there is a risk of public outreach. Netherlands is culturally a very diverse country with many cultural backgrounds. We also want to see that in film."


She identifies this defect at all levels: from actors to directors and crew members. "The majority of the authors is white," the director admits. "Making connections with talents that can not only promote the diversity of stories from different cultural backgrounds but also deepen stories."

According Boonekamp the desire of the film industry itself  is 'to appeal to as large an audience as possible. " More diversity in Dutch film will contribute to this

Colour blind casting

"For example, in the United States there have been launched successful series in recent years many with African-American star in the leading roles, such as Scandal, Empire and How to Get Away with Murder. Great Brittan mainly experimented successfully in the theater with so-called color blind casting.

Boonekamp would also like to see this trend in the Netherlands in the future. "Anyhow, we work too much with typecasting in Netherlands: this also applies to white roles," she says. "We really need to dare to let it go."

Check the whole article is in Dutch (unfortunately :)

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