Opening new doors for the future

Innovation Lab
June 26, 2016
Diversify! Spain
January 18, 2017

Opening new doors for the future

The Diversity in the Creative Industries mobility programme is now in its final phase, where two young creative talents, Khaeta and Maria, have been doing international internships in Amsterdam and Malmö since October. The aim of the mobility programme is to encourage the growth of international networks and knowledge of possibilities among young creative talents. As Maria puts it, ‘the programme is a good project for young people to promote themselves, improve their networks and job opportunities in the creative field outside of their countries, and opening new doors for the future’.

Both Khaeta and Maria have had the opportunity to work with well-renowned cultural institutions in Sweden and Amsterdam. Khaeta has been working with BUFF, the International Children’s and Young People’s Film Festival in Malmö, Sweden, in which she has developed her interest in children’s film and challenged herself; ‘my internship with BUFF made me explore new ways of working and defining what I want to accomplish with my work in media. I enjoy the freedom that I have with my internship, love that I now know that I’m able to work on an international level and feel proud of the level of responsibility that I have been trusted with.’

At the same time, Maria has been working with the ISH Dance Company in Amsterdam, where she has taken on the role of a production assistant, involving a variety of tasks such as: helping with the coordination and organization of events, marketing, joining team meetings, buying costumes for the performers and technical staff, getting in touch with the artists and helping backstage for the shows. Maria says ‘I feel like I am improving my skills in arts management and developing my previous experiences on a deeper level.’

At the end of December, both will return to their respective countries, but with a new experience and network that will give them the possibility to continue with their careers on an international level. In January 2017, Diversity in the Creative Industries will be hosting the next Diversify! event in Murcia, Spain. This will bring together different actors in the cultural field and young people to discuss improving diversity in the Creative Industries.