Diversify! – Diversity in Dutch Media & TV

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October 13, 2015
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March 23, 2016

Diversify! – Diversity in Dutch Media & TV

Press release – Capture22
‘Diversify! – Diversity in Dutch Media & TV
October 3, 2015 – Westergasfabriek – Amsterdam

Within the framework of the project ‘Diversity in Creative Industries’ a 1-day symposium took place in Amsterdam. Capture22 organised this symposium to reflect on the long-term objectives of the project. The symposium brought together the local creative entrepreneurs and cultural organisations, policy makers and young talent form diverse backgrounds. The event gathered national and international participants to share their insights and contributions about diversity in the Dutch Media & TV.

The symposium highlighted on the following key issues:

  • Talent development, networking and business opportunities,
  • Diversity management, recruitment strategies, and  governance .

The symposium featured the following:

  • Best Practice presentations by mentors, policy makers, and experts from the industries
  • Presentations by talents who showed interest in the project and were invited to the event.

These talents actively took part in the panel discussion and were given the change to ask questions and present their cases.

Networking sessions took place as well where young professionals got the chance to meet with industry professionals. Moreover, career-related workshops for talent have been organised as part of the symposium.

The industry professionals that were present at the event are:

  • Hesdy Lonwijk (director)
  • Jean van de Velde (director)
  • Raymi Sambo (actor)
  • Yootha Wong Loi Sing (actress)
  • Sylvana Simons (presentor, TV personality)
  • Clarice Gargard (journalist, presentor)

They all had a very active part throughout the whole program.

Capture22 empowered the notions of sharing best practices and their multiplier effect via extended networks in the industry. The results of the event were shared with the public through video registration (of presentations), the news-letter of Capture22 and Maybuse. Moreover, we shared the successful outputs of this event with our partner organisations in Spain and Sweden.