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Richness in Diversity

Smart Entrepreneurialism

Reworking Dynamics

Our purpose is to improve access to professional networks, improve career-oriented capacities, competences and opportunities for young talents.

The primary age group we are working with are young people, aged 18 – 30, whom are in higher education in the creative industries or at an early stage of their careers. This two year project is funded by the Erasmus+ programme within the EU’s Strategic Framework Horizon 2020.

Mission Statement

Through collaboration, we can create an open space for everyone to discuss, advance and be inspired by creativity and entrepreneurship. This space allow us to work together towards a sustainable society and entrepreneurial collaborations.

CER Project Publication

As the third largest employer in Europe, the Cultural and Creative Industries have the potential to create a more representative labour market of Europe’s increasingly diverse population. This report analyses the presence of diversity in the creative industries in three European countries: Spain, Sweden, and the Netherlands, presents the benefits of having an inclusive and representative workforce, and how we can better achieve this. As part of the project, we assessed levels of cultural diversity within the creative industries within each partner country, where we found that young people from diverse backgrounds are still underrepresented within the industry and still face substantial barriers when trying to enter it. The activities of ‘Diversity in the Creative Industries’ aimed to improve this access through increased mobility and encouraging creative entrepreneurship.

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